Hello, today I'm going to talk about the differences between UFC and WWE. One of their differences is that the UFC is real. The WWE is fake. Another difference is that in the WWE, they use weapons. In the UFC, you do not use weapons. Another difference is that in the UFC you only go one on one. In the WWE you can go one on one, two on two, or three on three. Now I'm going to tell about what the UFC is and what the WWE is.

The WWE is a sport, but it is fake. You use weapons. There is also different ways you can do it. There is the royal rumble tag team and a lot others ways. In the UFC you try to submit your opponent, knock them out, or win by decision. You wear gloves so it will not hurt as much.

Now I'm going to talk about my experience with MMA. MMA is just like the UFC. I started MMA over a year ago. I train at the Academy in Orem, Utah. You have to have a necklace, which shows you have paid to get in. The classes are on Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. There are two different classes, the youngger kids class and the older kids class. We usually go to the older kids class but sometimes we go to both. The older kids class is better. The first thing we do in the first class is jog around the mat. Then we do a move. Next we do some races. Then we do a game. Then it's time for the older kid class. The first things we do are races, then we do take-downs. Then we do grappling matches. The rounds are 5 minutes long. Then we play a game. The classes are challenging, but fun.

Source by Michael Wickham


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