Rahul Dravid the icon of best players. in the history of cricket he make his future with his performance. he made his career with beauty of his batting line.

he was all rounder player of indian history. about rahul dravid many legends say’s dravid is the second Sachin Tandulkar of india

rahul Dravid

  • in batting career he made lot of score, in Test as well OneDay. in the test rahul dravid has highest 21 sixes. and in the one day he has highest sixes are 42. in T-20 only 3 sixes he made for his T-20 Career.
  • Performance was just satisfies in T-20, as we compare other batsmen of that time india they were super six players with great strike rate.
  • if we compare his performance Test vs one day game. he played massive inning in the Test Cricket.

Rahul Dravid Childhoods.

He was the one batsmen who made century in teen age when he was 12 year old. he get many nick names from friends but he got special one that was “WALL”, Former Captain Rahul Dravid was born in Banglore in jan-11-1973.

  • he belong with Marathi Family in india. his mother tongue was “marathi” but he was also able speak in some other indian languages.
  • in 2004 he was thinking about modeling and fashion world, he also get another Name as sexiest personality in sports and cricket because of his fitness.
  • His Father was not any industrialist or any millionaire his father was worker of a private company in india.
  • Rahul was also interested in Hockey he also selected in hockey team on district level. later switch his game from hockey to cricket.
  • He was famous because of his performance he was well aware of bowlers where to hit and how to that’s the reason he get international intention in his cricket future.


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