upcoming Cricket Matches Scheduleupcoming Cricket Matches Schedule approved by ICC for year 2017 – 18 According To Cricket Shedule 2017 – 2018 Pakistan and other Crickets Team Will play in more then 30 Matches, international cricket council share the complete schedule for all matches till end of next year.


Date Team Tour Country
February 2017 New Zealand Tour of Australia (5 ODI, 1 T20) aus vs nz
February 2017 Bangladesh Tour of Pakistan (2 Test, 3 ODI, 1 T20) Pak vs Bang
February 2017 South Africa Tour of New Zealand (2 Test, 3 ODI, 2 T20)
Feb-March 2017 Australia tour of India (4 Test Matches) India vs Aus
March 2017 England Tour of West Indies (3 ODIs) West Indies
March-April 2017 Pakistan Tour of West Indies (2 T20, 3 ODI, 3 Test) WI vs PAK
April-May 2017 IPL 2017 in india
April-July 2017 West Indies Tour of England (3 Test, 5 ODI,1 T20) eng vs wi
May 2017 Tri-Series in Ireland (New Zealand, Bangladesh, Ireland) Ire vs Nz,Ban
June 2017 ICC Champions Trophy England
July-Sept 2017 India Tour of Sri Lanka (3 Test, 5 ODI, 2 T20) Sri Lanka
July-Sept 2017 South Africa Tour of England (4 Test, 5 ODI,1 T20) England
September 2017 Champions League T20 (not confirmed) N/A
October 2017 Australia Tour of India (7 ODI and 2 T20) India
Oct-Nov 2017 Bangladesh Tour of South Africa (2 Test, 3 ODI,1 T20) South Africa
Oct-Dec 2017 Sri Lanka Tour of Pakistan (3 Test, 5 ODI, 2 T20) UAE
Nov 2017 to Jan 2018 India Tour of South Africa (3 Test, 7 ODI, 2 T20) South Africa
Nov-Dec 2017 West Indies Tour of New Zealand (3 Test, 5 ODI, 1 T20) New Zealand
Nov-Dec 2017 The Ashes 2017 (Australia-England) Australia
January 2018 Sri Lanka Tour of Bangladesh (3 ODIs) Bangladesh
Jan-Feb 2018 Pakistan Tour of India (not confirmed) India
February 2018 Australia Tour of New Zealand (5 ODI, 1 T20) New Zealand
Feb-April 2018 England Tour of New Zealand (2 Test, 5 ODI,1 T20) New Zealand
Feb-March 2018 Australia Tour of South Africa (3 Test) South Africa
Mar-April 2018 Sri Lanka Tour of India (3 Test, 5 ODI, 2 T20) India
Mar-April 2018 Bangladesh Tour of West Indies (2 Test, 3 ODI, 1 T20) West Indies
Mar-April 2018 Pakistan Tour of Zimbabwe (2 Test, 3 ODI,1 T20) Zimbabwe
May-June 2018 Pakistan Tour of England (2 Test, 5 ODI,1 T20) England
June 2018 Zimbabwe Tour of Australia (2 Test and 3 ODI) Australia
June-July 2018 Sri Lanka Tour of West Indies (3 Test, 5 ODI,2 T20) West Indies


Upcoming Cricket Matches Schedule

ICC approve the schedule for 2017 – 2018 all will matches will be play on same date and

time, according to icc policy they can change the schedule behalf on the situation of country level.

upcoming Cricket Matches Schedule may changes according to weather and other incidents.

ICC have all rights and reserved to maintain the schedule  they can change any time without anyone third party permissions.

New upcoming Cricket Matches Schedule for 2019 will be launched in end of 2018.


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