It is hard to over-exaggerate exactly how good Brett Favre is and was. He came into the league in 1991, and after a year on the bench for the Atlanta Falcons, a trade bought him to Green Bay where he really made his mark. During his time with the Packers he led the league in passing Numerous times, made multiple trips to the Super Bowl, had a great many Pro Bowl appearances, and helped the Packer reclaim their spot as one of the more formidable teams in the National Football League .

Brett Favre is a true leader when he is on the field, and though every play does not always work out well, no one can argue that he is not giving every play his all. This is true whether he is scrambling for his life, running the ball, or owning one of his classic bombs down the field. He even gives it his all on the sidelines, cheering on his defense.

Favre has made some great plays over the years, both with his arms and with his feet. He has thrown a record number of touchdown passages, but who over all these years has been his favorite receiver?

With 57 touchdown receptions, no player has done more touchdown passages from Brett Favre than Antonio Freeman. Freeman teamed with Favre during the heyday of their time in Green Bay. He caught quick slants as well as deep bombs and had no problem finding his way into the endzone. Brett Favre is a cinch to go down in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but players like Antonio Freeman deserve a lot of credit for helping him accomplish everything he has.

Source by Mark Peters


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