Ford escort mark 2. This is an absolute classic rally car that's world recognized for being really good and is still being widely used today. It's a firm favorite with it's ear pleasing exhaust note and look-out-the-side-window-when-you're-going-side-wards-rally-drifting, and they are still being made today as well in specialist garages like Petter Solbergs ex co driver Phil Mills' garage, but they do cost a LOT brand new! These are a good car to start in as they're easy to handle and not the most powerful, though they're no slouch and can prove a handy because they're only rear wheel drive, so they're more beginner to intermediate.

Land rover / range rover is one of the best off road vehicles there is going, you can not miss out on this opportunity for a rally driving present. Because the land rovers used are usually reliably slow and diesel (because that's the most suitable for rough terrain), going on one of these can be significantly cheaper, and represents a really good taster of the more expensive rally courses. The Land rover is used by none other than the British army so it's off 4 wheeled off road abilities are unmatched. It's ideal for very rough rocky surfaces, sideways inclines, obstacle courses and deep water trult get to thrash someone else's car as you please! The slower pace can be possibly more "laid back" and more suited to the older generation you want to buy a rally driving present for.

Toyota Celica GT-4. Comes as standard with around 240bhp as standard which is not quite as hairy as a Mitsubishi's 280 to more like 300 bhp as standard. The Toyota is a quality machine and was voted into the top 10 rally cars ever! The Japanese company Toyota is actually the largest car company in the world, so it had a big budget behind the development of this rally car and presents serious performance and rally heritage for your money. Toyota dropped out of the WRC years ago, and now it's modern Toyota Celica is only front wheel drive (FWD) as standard, so if you find an opportunity to get in a 4WD turbo Toyota after you get some driving experience then snap up the opportunity while you can!

Subaru Imprezas are classic rally cars that were made world famous by the late 3 x WRC Constructors champion and household name Colin Mcrae. The flat four 2 liter engine made that classic loud burble that will never be forgotten as it was hurled around every dangerous rally course in the world at maximum pace, with every effort (and more) being taken to nail that title. The Subaru Impreza is now a true rally icon that everyone recognizes! You too can experience the white knuckle excitation ride of your life with the right rally driving present. The Subaru Impreza has simply got to be at the top of the list for the ultimate rally driving experience. You will never forget the euphoric buzz of that awesome wailing exhaust note as you sway side wards round corner after corner that will only leave you wanting more …

Mitsubishi evolutions are the main rival to the Subaru Impreza, and are better quality on the road (having a more sporty feel generally) and mostly for their group N rally cars, as well as actually winning the WRC Drivers championship 1 more time than the Subaru won the WRC constructors title at 4 times for Mitsubishi in total with Tommi Makinen at the wheel. This is another rally icon that is not quite as common as Subaru Imprezas at rally schools, though just as quick. Drop this a mention when you tell who you've bought the rally driving present and you'll see their eyes light up like a huge beam of front mounted spotlights because this is another true classic rally dream machine!

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Source by Olly Redman


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