I will write about the WWE world title regulars.

The Big Show

Now he is OK sometimes and other times he is boring. Pretty much depends on if he is heel or face. He is fun when he is heel, but stale when he is face. He is a regular, no matter what you guys think. His knockout punch should not be a finisher, but should it be for a few of the powerhouses? 1 or 2 is fine, but right now I can think of 4 (Big Show, Undertaker, Kane, and The Great Khali). Since WWE will most likely not get a lot of positive votes and The Big Show is actually entertaining sometimes (something that some regulars can not pull off), I give it a positive 1 for The Big Show.

Rey Mysterio

He is an annoying regular. Yea he is a good highflyer, but guys like Evan Bourne and John Morrison are way better. The 619 is an annoying finisher, but its roll-up finisher (yes it is a finisher since it ends most matches with it) is even more annoying. It has his fault that Dolph Ziggler never got the Intercontinental Championship. Kane could have been pushed to go to Fatal 4 Way, but they instead had to put this regular. I hope he departs from WWE soon. I give WWE a -1 for Rey Mysterio.

Randy Orton

Did you guys know that Orton got Mr. Kennedy fired? If I could I would give Randy Orton a -1,000, but hey I should follow my own rules. The RKO is classified as a finisher? What were they thinking when they gave him that "finisher"? You want to know a good cutter finisher? The Twist of Fate (Matt Hardy does is way better than Jeff because Jeff makes it obvious that he lets go) is way better. The punt kick is not creative at all. It does not even go good with his gimmick. Like there are some finishers that go good for people's gimmick, like Edge's spear. Edge suppose to be sneaky, and the Spear helps. Randy Orton's finishers are horrible. He is boring on the mic and in the ring. He is the worst backstage because he gets talented people fired. If he got Kennedy fired, who else got fired by him? Kennedy is the only one we know of. Maybe he was behind the firing of Mike Knox, Elijah Burke, D 'Lo Brown, Jesse Tony Atlas, Jimmy Wang Yang, Big Daddy V, and more. I do not know the reason behind everyone, but maybe Randy Orton got some of them fired. I give WWE a -1 for Randy Orton.

Triple H

Do you ever wonder why he has knee problems? BECAUSE A BUNCH OF HIS MOVES INVOLVE THE KNEE !! Let's look at his move arsenal. He has the Knee Facebuster, Knee Trembler, Pedigree, Running Knee Drop, and the Diving Knee Drop. If he botches then he could easily injure his knee. Just as long as he does not go blaming is on other superstars (we do not want multiple Randy Ortons, or at least I do not). His pedestrian looked good back then. Now it just looks different. It does not look as good as it did back then, His Spinebuster is actually good. A good HHH Move that does not involve the knees? Wait, I am going overboard. I am just talking about his finishers. He does not deserve to be a regular. He is overrated and he is boring on the mic. His old DX days were good (with X-Pac, Road Dogg, Chyna, HBK, and Billy Gunn). Triple H nowdays are, well not as good. And he is not good enough to get WWE a positive vote. I give WWE a -1 for HHH

The Undertaker

How could I put this. Well umm, HE LOST MY RESPECT WHEN HE BECAME THE "AMERICAN BADASS" !!! That had to be his worst gimmick. Most people will get mad at me for saying that, but I am sorry for telling you the truth. Chuck Palumbo (maybe Orton got him fired too) pulled a motorcycle gimmick off well. Way better than The Undertaker. The Hell's Gate is a bad finisher for The Undertaker. I am curious of what they will do with his streak. I hope Kane does not end it because it will be too obvious and not a surprise. I also hope none of the regulars end it. You know who I want to end it? John Morrison, Vance Archer, Dolph Ziggler, William Regal, Zack Ryder, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Chris Masters, Shad, or JTG There are more who should, but I will not make a gigantic list. The one who I think will end it will be Ted DiBiase. Not exactly my 1st choice, but it is better than other choices. He is boring on the mic and in the ring. His promos are all the same. His matches are all the same, except for his opponents. When was the last time he lost a 1 on 1 match by pin or submission? I want to see what would happen in a cage match between Undertaker and John Cena. I am curious who WWE Will have win. I give WWE a -1 (do not regret that) for The Undertaker.


Do I really need to explain? EDGE IS THE BEST REGULAR !!!!! Just as long as he stays away from being a face. Spear Spear Spear Spear …. THAT WAS ANNOYING AS HELL !!!!!!!!! Do not get me wrong, the spear is a good move for his gimmick (as said earlier). I just do not like that he constantly gets a shot. Like he was injured for a long time, but he comes back and already gets a shot, but who did not see it coming. I was hoping that he would not return at the Royal Rumble. I wonder who would have won if he did not return, but it probably would have been a regular. He should use his Edgecution and Edge-O-Matic as actual finishers. Like he should end matches with those 2 moves. Why are signature moves used? To make the opponent look stronger. Like here are examples of moves that are signatures that people barely win by that. John Morrison's Shooting Star Press, Triple H's Spinebuster, RVD's Split Legged Moonsault, Chris Jericho's Lionsault and Enziguri, and Kane's Sidewalk Slam. I hope I got my point across about signature moves. Edge does not deserve to be a regular; remember, I will say who does deserve it. I give WWE a 1 for Edge.

Chris Jericho

I am almost out of space, so I will have to be brief. I do have to rant on Cena, say who should be a regular, and say my predictions. So sorry hardcore Jericho fans, but I will cut things short. He is good on the mic, he has good finishers and signatures. He is good in the ring. I just do not like how he returns after a long absence and gets an instant title shot. That was just bad on WWE creative's behalf. I give WWE a 1 for Chris Jericho.

John "Superman" Cena

Yea there are a lot of Cena fans reading this, but hear me out. He is boring in segments and in the ring. His moveset, well all 5 moves are annoying. Why does he scream when he applies the STFU (not going to get sucked into calling it by the "other name". Why does he scream in every segment? Why is he a regular? Why is not he a jobber? The reason for him being a regular is most of the WWE universe's fault. Because some people still cheer for him, by his merchandise, and ask for him for the Make A Wish Foundation. Because of the mistakes by some of the WWE "fans" (they are not true wrestling fans if they like him), he is now in the title picture. He is in now in no storyline other than title storylines. Hey this rant was shorter than expected. Keep in mind that I am tired as I am writing this.

Source by Davide Botticelli


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